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Emily Skye Just Shared A Super-Honest Post About Her Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Emily admitted that she’s “slightly envious” of women who can train up till they provide delivery, however she says it’s simply not proper for her—and she or he inspired different women to take heed to their our bodies, too. “I get messages from ladies everyday upset about the weight & cellulite they’ve gained while pregnant & I just want you ladies to know that gaining weight while pregnant is NORMAL,” she wrote. “Some people only gain a little and some gain a lot but it’s all ‘normal’ – as long as your Doc doesn’t have any concerns of course!”

And then Emily confirmed why so many individuals are obsessed together with her. “I refuse to beat myself up. I refuse to match myself to others & I refuse to let these bodily modifications that some may see as ‘flaws’ take away my happiness & neither ought to any of you,” she stated. Instead, she’s specializing in welcoming her daughter.

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“Nothing can take away the happiness I have right now & I’m healthy & so is my baby girl & that’s all that matters,” she stated. “I don’t care about the fat I’ve gained, the swelling & cellulite etc. These things are not important to me. I have such an overwhelming appreciation for my body & the human it’s growing.I am so blessed to be able to carry my little girl & I’m so excited to meet her within the next few weeks!”


Check out Emily Skye’s go-to no-equipment exercise:

Sure, being pregnant typically comes with some big body changes that may be arduous to simply accept, however Emily is so proper—it doesn’t matter. All that issues is that you simply and your child are wholesome. Everything else is simply white noise.

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