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Do You Know the Biggest Threats to Your Smile?

See how a lot you REALLY find out about maintaining your tooth wholesome – take The Doctors’ Which Is Worse problem, particular dental version!

Dentist Dr. Weston Spencer is available to reveal which meals and drinks do the most injury. First off, which of those meals ought to ship you running for your toothbrush: saltine crackers, chocolate, or corn on the cob?

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Dr. Spencer reveals the shocking reply – and the approach to minimize the damage proper after you eat it. “Take a good swig of water,” he recommends, or chew some sugar-free gum.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that the subsequent problem goes to be robust, and it includes two of his favourite drinks! Which is the hardest in your tooth – espresso, Kombucha, or apple juice? “I don’t drink a ton of apple juice,” he says, however he’s an enormous fan of each espresso and kombucha.

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The viewers overwhelming guesses apple juice – however are they right? Check your guess by watching the video above.

Dr. Spencer has ideas for many who select to sip any acidic beverage – comply with it with a drink of water. Do NOT brush your tooth proper after consuming something disguise in acid, as a result of it could possibly trigger additional injury to your enamel! Give it an hour or so – “take a family walk!” – Dr. Stork suggests, earlier than heading for the toothbrush.

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