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Democratic candidate calls Gianforte ’embarrassment’ to Montana | News

John Heenan, the primary candidate to announce his bid for the democratic nomination within the 2018 race for the U.S. House, says Montana’s present consultant is a humiliation to the state.

Republican Greg Gianforte gained the seat earlier this yr, and the race gained nationwide consideration on the eve of the election when Gianforte was cited for assaulting a reporter for the Guardian newspaper.

Heenan advised the Chronicle this week that Montana wants illustration from somebody who doesn’t put themselves above the regulation. Heenan has by no means campaigned for workplace, however, he stated, after the incident from the Republican incumbent, he was motivated to run.

Gianforte has been recognized to largely self-fund his campaigns, in each the 2016 race for the governor’s workplace and the particular election for the U.S. House seat. Now that he’s in workplace, Heenan stated, Gianforte is representing himself and the rich, not common Montanans.

“It’s embarrassing,” Heenan stated. “As a Montanan, it’s embarrassing that he’s our lone representative in Congress.”

Heenan stated taxpayers are nonetheless paying to get a mug shot from the incumbent. A Gallatin County justice of the peace ordered Gianforte to have his mugshot and fingerprints taken as a part of his misdemeanor assault conviction, however attorneys representing the Republican disagreed with the ruling and are at present preventing the choice.

“Someone needs to speak truth to power and say, ‘This is who our representative is and this is what he’s done.’ These are just facts,” Heenan stated.

“And then we as Montanans have to decide are we comfortable with this person being our only representative in the House of Representatives.”

When requested if elected, the three main issues for the state of Montana he hoped to accomplish, Heenan listed overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United choice as a precedence. The determination prolonged First Amendment rights to firms, permitting them to spend limitless quantities of cash on political campaigns, as lengthy they stored unbiased from candidates and political events.

“Ending Citizens United and leveling the playing field to get rid of this insider crony capitalism — the wealthy of the wealthiest dictating policy to all of us — starts with overturning that decision,” Heenan stated.

The different two main issues he needs focus upon are infrastructure and women’s health.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Heenan stated he got here to Montana when he was 19 years previous. His spouse and her household have lived within the state their entire lives, and he stated he tells his youngsters that they’re lucky to be born in Montana.

Heenan stated that within the subsequent couple of months you gained’t see him sporting a cowboy hat or a searching vest or sitting on hay bales, as a result of these aren’t the issues he does. He’s not a politician, he stated, and he’s not about to develop into one now.

“If not being born in Montana precludes me from representing Montana, then so be it,” he stated. “I guess what I’d say, there’s a lot of us in this state that are here from somewhere else.”

As of Friday, Heenan stated that his marketing campaign has acquired $30,000 from individuals throughout the state. His donations, he stated, vary from neighbors and associates, and he highlighted a $9 donation type a janitor in Helena.

“To me, it’s the message, not the messenger,” he stated. “And the message is, we can do so much better than this. We ought to have everyone in Congress be people who are there to represent us, and no one else.”

The Federal Election Committee doesn’t require campaigns to file finance stories till October.

A spokesperson for Gianforte launched this assertion to the Chronicle on Friday: “Greg remains committed to being a strong voice for Montanans in Washington and protect our way of life.”

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