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Could Purple Bread Be Good for You?

We all know that white bread isn’t the most effective dietary selection – however might PURPLE bread be higher? The Doctors examine.

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork shows a loaf of bread in a particular violet shade. The fairly shade, he explains, is from black-rice extract. The ingredient is meant to sluggish digestion of the bread, so diners’ blood sugar doesn’t spike.

Dr. Stork notes that white breads and different refined carbohydrates act within the physique like sugar. And a research from Singapore means that the black-rice additive may certainly work to stop blood-sugar surges.

Watch: The Power of Purple Foods

Dr. Stork notes that there’s one other confirmed strategy to make breads and different grain merchandise extra wholesome: “Personally, I’m simply going to stay to the whole grains and historic grains,” he says.

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