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Can You Get HIV From Food With Blood On It?

Just over half of Americans say they might not eat a meal made by an individual who’s HIV+, in accordance with a survey by Casey House, an HIV hospital in Toronto. To battle that stigma and misinformation, the nonprofit opened a pop-up restaurant the place all the cooks are HIV+.

Still, to quell fears, we requested Paul Volberding, M.D., director of the AIDS Research Institute on the University of California at San Francisco, if there can be any option to get HIV from meals ready by somebody with the virus.

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Do you will have considerations about meals cooked or served by somebody who’s HIV+?

No. Most individuals have possible already been served by an HIV+ individual, did not comprehend it, and did not contract the virus. That’s as a result of HIV is transferred solely from fluids to fluids—blood to blood or via intercourse.

But what if the chef reduce herself?

The majority of individuals with HIV are on remedy and have an undetectable quantity of the virus of their blood, making it unable to contaminate you. Still, if the chef minimize herself, she would cease cooking, toss the meals, gown her wound, and sanitize the world, as any chef would.


And if she did not discover that she had minimize herself?

Even if a small quantity of blood will get into the meals with out anybody noticing, the kitchen setting is inhospitable to the virus.

Inhospitable which means what, precisely?

Kitchen publicity to air and warmth whereas cooking would kill the virus.

And if the chef’s blood by some means received on chilly meals, like a salad?

Since the meals is consumed by mouth, not an open reduce, your abdomen acid would kill the virus because it goes by means of your digestive system.

What in the event you, the client, had a reduce in your mouth?

Even so, it is unattainable for such a small quantity of blood to make it inside there and infect you. It’s like making an attempt to hit a bull’s-eye in outer area with an arrow—unimaginable.

Has anybody anyplace ever gotten HIV from meals ready by an individual with HIV?

No. No one has ever contracted HIV by way of meals prep. There is zero danger of HIV transmission.

This article initially appeared within the March 2018 difficulty of Women’s Health. For extra nice recommendation, decide up a replica of the difficulty on newsstands now!


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