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Can Chia Seeds Kill You?

Can chia seeds, if consumed the improper approach, probably kill you? Apparently this superfood may cause a harmful esophageal obstruction making it unimaginable to breath.  

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Why do they current this hazard? Dry chia seeds can take up as much as 27 occasions their weight in water. They can broaden mid-swallow and lodge themselves within the esophagus. If the seeds do trigger an esophageal obstruction they are often very troublesome to take away due to their gel-like consistency. While it is a danger for everybody, it presents a specific drawback for individuals with a historical past of dysphagia or swallowing issues.

To keep away from this problem, combine chia seeds with liquids like milk, yogurt, or water to permit them to increase earlier than consuming them. 

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Please concentrate on these risks however The Doctors nonetheless love chia seeds, that are wealthy in fiber and healthy fats that may hold you feeling full. Also one tablespoon of chia seeds will provide you with virtually 20% of your day by day fiber consumption. 

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