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Can All Women Squirt? | Essence.com

An skilled breaks down reality vs. fiction on the subject of feminine ejaculation.

Finally, we’re bringing you very public solutions to a few of your most personal questions. When sexual and vaginal health considerations come up, OB/GYN and nationally recognized women’s health professional Dr. Jessica Shepherd needs to make sure you have the solutions you must really feel comfy. As the founding father of Her Viewpoint, an internet women’s health discussion board, she makes use of this outlet to concentrate on addressing taboo subjects in a cushty setting.

Q: Can all women “squirt,” as in have a feminine ejaculation?

A: Just like when males ejaculate, women can too. We often do not do it to the diploma that males do as a result of they’re doing it particularly for a function, which is to move sperm, proper? So we’re not transporting something, so physiologically, there isn’t any purpose for our physique to projectile ejaculate. But, women clearly can achieve this. When we have now a climax, we do ejaculate. It’s the identical premise round male ejaculation, that if you find yourself at a climax in intercourse, you’ll have a creation of liquid. We have glands which are situated across the vagina and these glands actually are [desgined] to maintain the vagina moist and to ensure we will eliminate micro organism and irritants.

During climax, if you do have a rise within the quantity of secretions which are constructed up, after which throughout ejaculation, a few of that may be launched. There are some women that clearly can do greater than others, however it does not essentially imply that it is higher. It’s an enormous matter that I’ve with a few of my sufferers, as a result of I feel women really feel that they’ve to do that. But, that is truly one thing that has come about due to social notion, which I feel truly comes from pornography. When we see it, we then have the expectation that each one women ought to do this as a result of males see that and assume, oh wow. It has been projected as regular or indicating that the intercourse was good.

Every lady can’t discover ways to do it. Either you might have what we name an ejaculation or “squirting gland” or you do not. If you do not, then how are you going to extend your ejaculatory fluid that you simply make? That’s why it is exhausting. How would I inform somebody to extend it? There’s actually no method. Your glands are your glands. How a lot you produce throughout intercourse is totally different. Also, the intercourse responds to how a lot you’re stimulated and in addition has an element on how a lot you climax. So, for those who’re not having one of the best intercourse, you is probably not following that course and getting ready your self for a climax.

Also, somebody might expertise it and it might not all be simply secretory fluids or glands which might be secreting. It might be a little bit of urine as nicely as a result of your urethra, which carries the urine from the bladder to the surface of the physique, its actually situated proper under the clitoris.

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