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Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis | Women’s Health

Docs have to start out someplace to attempt to determine if a affected person has skilled—or is experiencing—“a pathological state of mood elevation,” which means that for a few days, they didn’t simply “feel better than the bad” that they skilled throughout depression, Baldassano says, they felt “a notch above” and even “euphoric.” And throughout this state of mania, sufferers can shortly go from feeling assured and energetic to agitated and “touchy,” in line with the NIMH. So, if a affected person solutions “yes,” therapists should dig deeper to seek out out if this excessive was situational, say, a day after passing an enormous check, or if it was, in reality, mania.

If a affected person’s reply to this preliminary query factors towards durations of mania or hypomania quite than simply feeling good, therapists will proceed by asking questions that draw on manic or hypomanic signs of bipolar dysfunction, reminiscent of decreased want for sleep with out feeling fatigue, elevated optimism and self-confidence, reckless conduct, and extra.

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