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Best Foods For Energy | Women’s Health

Popping a couple of throughout your morning jog can put literal spring in your step. “Athletes like them for their quick hit of carbs and electrolytes,” says Tara Gidus Collingwood, R.D., a sports activities dietitian in Orlando. One research discovered that raisins have been simply as efficient at preserving runners’ stamina up as have been carbohydrate-based snacks designed for endurance. Athletes who ate both one throughout a 5-Okay shaved one minute off their race time, in contrast with those that solely drank water. The splendid quantity, per the research, is one ounce—about two mini bins.

Try this: Jump-start your a.m. by including raisins, paired with nuts, to your cereal or yogurt. “Nuts have fat, protein, and fiber, keeping you going over the long haul, and the carbs in raisins invigorate you short term,” says Collingwood.

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