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Aussie Volleyball Dream Team Reveal The Secret To Their Success

While the pair have been coaching for simply 5 weeks earlier than they left, they related instantly and consider their connection is the key to their success. It’s not unusual for volleyballers to modify companions however in response to Mariafe, some partnerships come extra naturally than others.

“For T and I it’s very natural. You don’t have to really force it. We recently joined together but the trust and belief in each other was there from the start. We connected straight away and I think that’s what really helped our success.”

Taliqua and Mariafe have a robust friendship each on and off the courtroom and whenever you’re travelling the globe with somebody, away from companions and household this turns into fairly essential. 

“We are close, you can’t travel the world and not be close. Especially for Australians, we have to spend a lot of time on the road so it’s important that we are respectful and that we are okay to embrace other people’s differences,” Taliqua says. “I think the best way to describe it is, a relationship without the benefits,” she provides with amusing.

While their partnership continues to be early days, Taliqua and Mariafe met years in the past within the junior stage of their careers and have been round one another for a variety of years. Both athletes at the moment are based mostly in Adelaide with the National Team and, after their roaring success that is unlikely to be the final time the 2 are paired collectively. 

“We enjoy playing together but it’s not ultimately our choice. The coaches and the federation have a big say in it,” Mariafe explains. “But again, our results speak for themselves in a way. If we have that success in tournaments, I guess why would they break us up, you know?”

To get a little bit of perception into the dynamic between the facility pair, we requested a couple of “who’s extra more likely to?” questions.

Which one among you takes extra selfies?

Mariafe: Probably Taliqua…she loves snapchat. So, I might say her. But I do take pleasure in taking an after-game win selfie.

Taliqua: “I don’t know actually…I’m going to say me. I take more snapchats.” 

Who has received the weirdest phobia?

“We both hate bugs and cockroaches. We are both chickens when it comes to that. We both yell and giggle like girls and don’t want to go near it.”

Who is usually more likely to cry in a film?

Mariafe: “Oh god, that would be me I reckon. I am emotional for sure…Even Nemo, Peter Pan. Seriously. Even animations. When I know what’s going to happen at the end I still cry. Or love stories.” 

Who’s extra more likely to hit snooze?

“We’re both early morning people. We hear our alarm and we get up straight away. We’re chirpy as, which is so good.” 

Who has the larger potty mouth?

“We both swear a lot in a joking way. Yeah, I don’t know. I think it’s a tie.” 

Who’s extra more likely to skip a exercise?

“The thing is we can’t afford to skip a workout. It’s part of our daily life. We have to do our training on the sand as much as in the gym. It’s just as important. We’re both pretty disciplined. We know we have to do it. It’s our job.”

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