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Arm Workout Not Bulky | Women’s Health

After years of not making the healthiest decisions, Darcy Stennes determined to pour her emotional power into turning into more healthy and fitter, which led her to start out Kayla Itsines’ BBG program. “I became pretty instantly hooked and started seeing results relatively early on,” she says. “Aside from increased stamina, my arms were one of the first areas that I began to see results.”

After a pair rounds of BBG, Darcy began attending heated barre courses twice every week at Belle + Barre. The courses give attention to strength training, they usually helped her see how efficient lifting decrease weights for extra reps might be. “I started to get really excited about weight training and am officially no longer scared of the gym,” she says. “I will now generally include two arm days at the gym per week. … I think it’s super-important to realize you can’t just focus on building your biceps; you have to really consider all the muscles that work alongside your biceps—shoulders, chest, triceps, back, and of course, biceps.”

Darcy might barely do three pushups when she began. “Now, I can do 30 to 40 in my sleep,” she says. Other favourite workouts embrace burpees, cable rows, tricep kick backs, tricep dips, and “good ol’ bicep curls with a barbell or dumbbells.” Like many people, she will get bored simply on the health club, so Darcy frequents Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram for brand spanking new exercise concepts. “The key for me is to pick about six to seven exercises for the muscle group I’m targeting and do three sets of typically 10 to 15 reps,” she says.

As for meals, she’s far too busy for the loopy macro, calorie counting, meals weighing tendencies. “I think they are great and have seen amazing results for friends, but I just try to stick to intuitive eating for the most part,” says Darcy. “When the ingredients you are putting in your body are whole foods, I find you think more clearly and tend to just respond better to all forms of exercise.”

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