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Angelina Jolie Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

Dr. David Putrino, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine on the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says that Bell’s palsy happens when the cranial nerves (which “are responsible for a lot of the functions that go on in our head, mouth, throat and face”) are broken on one aspect of the physique.

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“When a nerve like the facial nerve is damaged, it has to heal, and nerve healing takes a long time: Nerves heal at a rate of roughly six millimeters (just less than a quarter inch) every week,” Putrino says of the restoration course of. “Once the method of nerve therapeutic begins, nevertheless, physical therapy turns into essential to assist the muscular tissues of facial features and facial sensation recuperate usually because the nerve heals and re-innervates its previous territory.”

In the interview, Angelina credit acupuncture with serving to her make a full restoration. But whereas many sufferers, like Angelina, search various therapies like nutritional vitamins and acupuncture for quicker outcomes, Putrino is fast to say that “none of these methods have solid scientific evidence to back them yet.”

The actress additionally implied that her Bell’s palsy might have been introduced on by stress, noting that she additionally developed hypertension, dry pores and skin, and began noticing extra grey hairs. She informed Vanity Fair, “Sometimes women in families put themselves last, until it manifests itself in their own health.” (Find out how one can beat stress whereas firming up with WH’s With Yoga DVD.)

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Putrino says there isn’t any science instantly linking Bell’s palsy and stress. However, “hormonal changes and high stress may be responsible for triggering things like viral reactivation, or make you more susceptible to bacterial infections, all of which can lead to Bell’s palsy,” he explains.

Watch a scorching doc clarify find out how to deal with a headache with out medicine:

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Some of the issues that may trigger Bell’s palsy, in accordance with Putrino, embrace “reactivation of viruses such as Epstein Barr or herpes simplex, certain bacterial infections, or even physical damage to the nerves because of trauma or growth of a tumor.”

This is not the primary time Angelina has been candid about her health. She’s talked up to now about testing constructive for the the BRCA1 gene, and has been open about her preventative double mastectomy, in addition to her determination to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes eliminated. Kudos to Angelina for being open as soon as once more.

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