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After 17 years with breast implants, Princeton woman leads calls for more schooling, safety

PRINCETON, Tx. — A North Texas woman says her implants have been making her sick. Now, she’s lending her voice to the decision for more info to be shared between the FDA, docs and sufferers.

Jamee Cook was 21, engaged to be married and a paramedic when she decided that might form the remainder of her life.

“I was really active. Healthy, Young, skinny,” she stated. “I was always really really flat chested and wanted to be more proportionate.”

At age 21, Cook selected to get breast implants. At 40, it’s her largest remorse.

“I mean, I made this decision and I own it,” she stated. “And I do feel guilty about it because it took a lot of things away from me.”

She says that included her health. Three years after surgical procedure she developed an auto immune illness.

“Then it went downhill, just chronic fatigue, swollen lymph nodes all the time, chronic sinus infections,” Cook stated. “I couldn’t get out of bed, I was having migraines two or three times a week, and I had three young kids at home!”

She says docs had no more solutions, which left her feeling helpless. Cook turned to the web and researched, and she or he got here to understand her implants could possibly be the supply. She was sure when she eliminated them after 17 years.

“I still battle fatigue off and on, but the majority of my other symptoms went away immediately,” she stated.

Cook then gained new objective. She created the group Breast Implant Victim Advocacy, a group of hundreds women who say implants made them sick. She lobbied for implant safety in Washington. All of it, pushed by a easy aim.

“I think that a lot of women don’t get the information they need to make a fully informed decision,” she stated.

Last yr, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery stated surgeons carried out 333,329 breast augmentations. We requested Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Weider about what warnings sufferers can at present anticipate to listen to from their docs.

“There’s a whole host of risks that we discuss,” stated Dr. Weider. “We have a several page consent for that we go through with them.”

But Cook argues there’s more to be completed. Right now, The FDA is researching the ties between a selected sort of implant inflicting a uncommon lymphoma, and final month a woman affected by that most cancers sued an implant maker in California.

Cook believes all this info might be more clearly shared with sufferers, so her group is petitioning the FDA for new public hearings on implant problems.

“My issue is no longer my issue,” she stated. “It’s our issue, then it becomes a women’s health issue.”

From a pc in Collin County, she’s working to provide women all the things she thinks they should know in relation to this choice.

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