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A personal look at women’s health

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Uterine fibroids are a situation that impacts a whole lot of hundreds of women, particularly African-American women.

I’m one among them.

You might have observed my six-week absence again in February.

That’s once I determined, after years of affected by excruciating ache —actually blood, sweat and tears — to have main surgical procedure to assist ease a few of the problems related to my fibroids.

Before I get to my story, let’s study precisely what fibroids are and why Keaira Lewis, an area nurse, reached out to share her story.

“I was at work one day, and I had some nausea, vomiting, pain, not knowing what it was,” stated Lewis. “I went downstairs to the emergency department (and) found out I had ovarian cysts and fibroids”

Nurse Keaira Lewis stated her life modified that day.

After an ultrasound, docs discovered at least seven fibroids in her uterus and with them a number of problems that lasted for years, particularly when it’s time for her month-to-month interval.

“If you think about it, you take a week for the cycle, then the week before — it’s like half of your life you’re dealing with this pain, this situation, this drama,” Lewis stated.

Lewis is just not alone. The Office on Women’s Health estimates that as much as 80 % of women will develop fibroids by age 50.

The growths develop from the muscle tissue of the uterus.

Despite it affecting such an enormous chunk of the feminine inhabitants, many women don’t know the very first thing about fibroids.

When I shared my story in a Facebook stay submit earlier than my surgical procedure, dozens of women, together with Lewis, reached out to ask me questions.

Fibroids run in Lewis’ household.

“It caught my attention by it being something that I can relate to,” stated Lewis. “My mother, my sister, several other women, other African-American women; a lot of people just don’t talk about it.”

A lack of information is a matter Dr. Marie Rowe with Greenville Women’s Clinic sees on a regular basis.

“I have seen many a women come in complaining of other symptoms,” stated Rowe. “The most common presentation for women with fibroids is that they don’t come in saying, ‘I have fibroids. What do I do?’ They come in telling me that they’re tired, that their period is heavy and a lot of women chalk it up to, ‘That’s just the way my body is.’”

Rowe stated fibroids might be as small as a pea or as giant as a watermelon. Symptoms can embrace:

  • heavy bleeding (which may be heavy sufficient to trigger anemia) or painful durations
  • feeling of fullness within the pelvic space (decrease abdomen space)
  • enlargement of the decrease stomach
  • frequent urination
  • ache throughout intercourse
  • decrease again ache
  • problems throughout being pregnant and labor
  • reproductive issues, akin to infertility

The signs and problems they trigger can depend upon the quantity, measurement and site.

While they’re typically referred to as tumors, it’s necessary to know virtually all fibroids are benign.

“We don’t know why they develop, but it can be a genetic predisposition,” stated Rowe. “It runs in families. It can be that it just happens. We do know there’s a racial disparity with fibroids; that we see more fibroids in African-American women, and they tend to grow more aggressively.”

Rowe explains most women with fibroids don’t have any signs. But at least 30 % of these affected may have extreme problems.

“When fibroids become a problem for women, depending on what physical ailments she has, it can wear on her just like any chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome like fibromyalgia,” stated Rowe. “It wears on our mood and psyche because we know how we feel, yet we don’t want to feel that way. But the sense of control is lost until we seek treatment.”

There are a number of remedy choices obtainable.

“Treatment is dependent on your personality,” stated Rowe. “It’s depending on your life stage, whether you desire fertility of future childbearing or not.”

While some medicine can briefly shrink the fibroids, contraception tablets, assist to regulate bleeding issues however don’t deal with the precise fibroids,

Then there are surgical choices, some extra invasive than others, relying in your actual analysis. All of the choices do include their very own set of dangers.

“For a woman that has multiple fibroids, robotic surgery is an option if the fibroids are deeply invasive in the muscle,” stated Rowe. “It comes with an enormous danger of blood loss.

In reality, fibroids are the main trigger for hysterectomies.

“The main thing I focus on is quality of life,” stated Rowe. “How, what can we do to make you feel better? And there’s never a wrong answer in what you do, and there’s never one treatment that’s best for all women.”

Uterine fibroids are additionally hormone dependent, which turns into an enormous problem for women of childbearing age.

Lewis’ signs at the moment are managed with using contraception drugs.

“It does make me wonder about are they growing? ” stated Lewis. “How will it affect me when it comes time to have children.”

While having youngsters shouldn’t be a precedence, the 31-year-old stated her clock is ticking as a result of she lately received married.

“My OBGYN told me when I get ready to have a child, the surgery may be an option for me,” stated Lewis.

“It makes me feel like it’s going to be very, very painful, and then there’s the risk of miscarriage, which is painful on another level, those are the fears that I have,” Lewis stated.

That worry is one thing that’s all too actual for me and my fiancé after we suffered a miscarriage due partially to my fibroids.

Coming up tomorrow at 5:30, I’ll clarify how that really intensified the expansion of my fibroids and take you alongside on the emotional journey to enhance my high quality of life.

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