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A personal look at women’s health

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Each yr, a whole lot of hundreds of women have hysterectomies to deal with a situation referred to as uterine fibroids.

More than 70 % of women will develop them at some level, though fibroids solely trigger signs in about 25 % of women.

The excellent news is that with the assistance of know-how and consciousness, women do have choices on the subject of remedy and for these women, utterly parting methods with their uterus shouldn’t be their solely choice.

Back in February, you’ll have observed my lengthy absence from air to have a serious surgical procedure after years of treating my problems.

It’s a narrative lots of our viewers inspired me to share. Just a warning, a number of the descriptions could also be disturbing.

“This is the cavity of your uterus, where you have your cycle from and where you get pregnant,” stated Dr. Marie Rowe, Greenville Women’s Clinic. “You can see your fibroids were very much distorting your cavity.”

I’m one of many a whole lot of hundreds of women that suffer from the non-cancerous tumors that may be discovered all through the uterine cavity, the muscle tissue and even outdoors the uterus.

I by no means had many issues with mine till my fiancé and I suffered a miscarriage.

“If that pregnancy implants near that fibroid where it’s not able to establish a good blood supply, you can have an early pregnancy loss, which is the most common reason for miscarriage in women with fibroids,” stated Rowe.

Dr. Marie Rowe with Greenville Women’s Clinic is my OBGYN and carried out my surgical procedure.

She says the being pregnant set off the expansion of the fibroids, ultimately resulting in much more issues.

“Fibroids grow based off of estrogen,” stated Rowe. “Around pregnancy, that’s when your hormones are the highest, and I think for you it was the fuel to the fire. You already had a predisposition with some small fibroids.”

The signs left me drained with heavy, fixed bleeding, in excruciating ache and most occasions simply an emotional wreck.

For years, I attempted a number of totally different remedy choices and none of them labored.

“Part of the way you felt was also the side effects of putting you on various birth control, because birth control can make you feel hormonal and have unpleasant side effects when it affects your mood,” stated Rowe. “Some people on certain birth control can feel depressed, so we were trying to treat your bleeding, but it was causing other side effects by the hormonal manipulation of what we were trying to do.”

Many of you’d take discover in the course of the nightly information, sending me messages asking if I used to be drained, was I feeling okay or why was I gaining a lot weight.

Well, my fibroids made me look as if I have been three months pregnant — some measuring the dimensions of softballs.

“Fibroids, basically they flare, and they swell and that’s where the sense of abdominal bloating comes,” stated Rowe.

So, with out the success of drug remedy, I used to be confronted with wanting at different choices, together with having a partial hysterectomy.

For the report, I’m underneath 40, so for me having a hysterectomy, all types of issues went by means of my head.

“When you go to make a decision about surgery on your uterus and definitely before you’re ready to part ways with your uterus, it’s a major decision,” stated Rowe. “Patients will hear me sayIi want you to be 150 percent sure of your fertility options.”

The day got here for my surgical procedure, a myomectomy, to take away my fibroids, however maintain my uterus intact, so I can have youngsters sooner or later.

“For you, you had a major, what we call an exploratory laparotomy, where you have an incision that’s very much like you’ve had a C-section,” stated Rowe.

Dr. Rowe eliminated 13 fibroids from numerous elements of my uterus, extra tumors than the ultrasound was capable of detect.

“I thought before going into your surgery that you had about three major fibroids that were the problem,” Rowe stated. “Once we got in and saw how many you had, I was surprised as well.”

The surgical procedure took about three hours, then three nights and two days within the hospital and 6 weeks of restoration at house.

“You feel every se e, because your muscles and nerves everything was separated in order to complete your surgery in taking those fibroids out,” stated Rowe.

I’m now three months post-surgery and feeling a lot better.

My signs have been lowered however not utterly resolved.

While I did have my fibroids eliminated, they will ultimately develop again.

There is not any one-size-fits-all remedy, they usually all include sure dangers.

Talk to you physician to determine the most effective remedy choices based mostly in your particular signs and analysis.

To study extra on ceaselessly requested questions, go to the Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health of Human Services web site at

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