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5 reasons to walk a marathon

Walk a marathon with me? She enquired.

Hells yes! I responded.

I agreed.

I asked.

I trained.

I laughed.

I flew.

I walked.

I liked.


1. You’ll understand (once more) how you think differently from the remainder of the world. Even my hardcore runner associates thought I used to be nuts.

They advised me *repeatedly* how they’d by no means be able to strolling 26.2 miles. They informed me *repeatedly* how a lot more durable it will be than even Galloway (run/walk intervals). They informed me *repeatedly* they didn’t assume they might do it. I was convinced I could. Each time I assumed: I’m strolling the Oakland marathon! I felt badass.


2. Walking 26.2 feels attainable. Sure it’s a crazypants concept, but every time you utter the phrase *walk* you’ll be able to concurrently say to your self “How dangerous can it’s? I walk each rattling day!”

On prime of that (and this was the best piece of advice I received) greater than lengthy, lengthy coaching runs (yuck) strolling 26.2 is about time spent in your ft. Early morning ambles lasting 6 hours? That totally sounded attainable! Training run of 20 miles? Nope, by no means, I couldn’t ever.

In addition, early within the course of I learn someplace 26.2 miles equaled 55k steps. 55okay? I assumed that sounded entirely doable.

marathon spectator sign


three. It’s not operating. I’m strong. I really feel as if I am capable of doing anything so long as it doesn’t contain operating.

Lift heavy things/set them back down, re-learn to roller skate, climb walls, get up paddle, strap on bouncy bootsI can do all of it!  If you ever see me operating then one thing baaad is arising behind me. You greatest run too.

oakland running festival 2017


four. Walkers get a medaland the entire flipping marathon expertise. I didn’t really feel ‘less than’ in the course of the marathon weekend within the slightest! Heading into it I knew *I* believed it’s nearly as good if not higher—however so did everybody else! I’m not one to care what others think but will admit the very fact I didn’t have to ‘defend’ my ambulating selection felt nice.

oakland marathon medals


5. It’s an UNBELIEVABLE sense of accomplishment. I rock at complimenting myself. I kickass at acknowledging all of the issues I do properly and at telling myself (and others) about these stuffs. It had been ages since I’d completed something the place individuals (strangers!) cheered me on in a literal sense and it felt unbelievable! I can’t consider the final time I stepped up to a challenge, totally wondered if I’d succeed and DID–publicly!

Even although finishing a marathon was never on my bucket list (and will not be on yours) the sense of pride I had at finishing was unparalleled.

oakland marathon finishline


As I crossed the end line, although I’d achieved my objective of strolling 26+ miles and nonetheless having ‘energy left in the tank’, my first thought was:

Fun! Nailed it! Never once more!

As I advised the Child the subsequent morning (once I awakened shockingly soreness-free besides my second toes):

I’ll by no means do one other marathon. I really like my ft an excessive amount of.

the oaks ojai

Apparently marathon-walking is precisely like having a child (who knew?).

A couple of weeks later and, no nails misplaced (!) and I’ve signed up for another.

New aim added (end robust *and* with glad 2nd toes on each ft) and, once more, telling myself that is the final time.


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