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5 Benefits & How to Do It The Right Way

You in all probability brush your hair, and your tooth (hopefully with natural toothpaste), however do you sweep your pores and skin? And why would you?

Dry Brushing for Skin

This follow has been gaining reputation these days and with good purpose. I’ve even observed “dry brushing” as an providing on the menu at spas in resorts I stayed at lately. Dry Brushing has many potential advantages from smoother pores and skin to serving to with lymphatic drainage.

So what’s it and why do you have to think about doing it?

Dry brushing is strictly what it feels like… brushing the pores and skin in a specific sample with a dry brush, often earlier than showering.

In dry brushing, the pores and skin is usually brushed towards the guts, beginning on the ft and palms and brushing towards the chest.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

I’ve been dry brushing my pores and skin for years, principally as a result of it feels nice and makes my pores and skin softer, however there are different advantages as properly:

1. Lymphatic Support:

The lymphatic system is a serious a part of the physique’s immune system. It is made up of organs and lymph nodes, ducts and vessels that transport lymph all through the physique. Many of those lymph vessels run slightly below the pores and skin and proponents of dry brushing declare that brushing the pores and skin commonly helps stimulate the traditional lymph circulate inside the physique and assist the physique detoxify itself naturally.

2. Exfoliation

This profit is usually observed the primary time an individual dry brushes. The strategy of operating a agency, pure bristled brush over the pores and skin helps loosen and take away lifeless pores and skin cells, naturally exfoliating pores and skin. I observed a lot softer pores and skin within the first few days and weeks after I began dry brushing and my pores and skin has stayed delicate. Dry brushing is likely one of the easiest and most pure methods to exfoliate pores and skin. I really like this advantage of pores and skin brushing and the way gentle my pores and skin feels once I do that recurrently!

three. Clean Pores (& Smaller Pores!)

The added advantage of exfoliating the pores and skin, is clearing oil, filth and residue from the pores. Using a specialised smaller gentler dry brush for the face, I discover that my face is softer and my pores are a lot much less noticeable.

four. Cellulite Help

Though the proof is anecdotal, I’ve discovered many accounts of people that claimed that common dry brushing tremendously helped their cellulite. I talked about this and my other cellulite remedies here. There isn’t a lot analysis to again the cellulite claims, however dry brushing feels nice and makes pores and skin softer, so there isn’t actually any draw back to making an attempt it!

5. Natural Energy Boost

I can’t clarify why however dry brushing all the time provides me a pure power increase. For this purpose, I wouldn’t advocate dry brushing at night time however it’s nice within the morning. One principle is that as a result of it will increase circulation, it additionally will increase power. Either method, dry brushing is a part of my morning routine.

Selecting a Dry Brush

I exploit a firm, natural bristle brush with a handle, which permits me to attain my whole again and simply brush the bottoms of my ft and the backs of my legs.

This set of brushes is my favorite as a result of it features a face brush and two physique brushes with totally different firmness. When I began dry brushing, my pores and skin was far more delicate and I most popular the softer one, and now I a lot choose the firmer brush. With the set, I’ve choices.

How to Dry Brush: The Method

Dry brushing might be accomplished day by day, ideally within the morning earlier than showering. Start with a mild brush and tender strain. Work up to a firmer brush and extra agency strain over time.

Here’s How to Dry Brush the Skin:

  1. Starting on the ft, I brush the bottoms of my ft and up my legs in lengthy, clean strokes. I sometimes brush every part of pores and skin 10 occasions. For lymph stream, I all the time brush towards the guts/chest space the place the lymph system drains. As an excellent rule of thumb, all the time brush towards the middle of the physique.
  2. Repeat the identical course of with the arms, beginning with the palms of the palms and brushing up the arm towards the guts. Again, I brush every part of pores and skin 10 occasions.
  3. On the abdomen and armpits, brush in a round clockwise movement.
  4. I then repeat the method on my stomach and again and my face with a extra delicate brush.

Note: Don’t brush too exhausting! A delicate and clean stroke typically works greatest. My pores and skin is barely pink after brushing, nevertheless it ought to by no means be pink or sting. If it hurts in any respect, use much less strain!

I brush earlier than showering and use a natural lotion after showering.

Replace the comb each 6-12 months because the bristles will ultimately put on out. I additionally advocate washing the comb each few weeks to take away lifeless pores and skin cells.

But, Does Dry Brushing Actually Work?

The proof is split and a number of other sources level out the apparent fact- there haven’t been any particular scientific research about dry brushing. Much of the proof, particularly relating to the cellulite profit, is anecdotal and far more analysis can be wanted earlier than dermatologists would contemplate it a authentic medical remedy.

Here’s the factor:

It isn’t meant to be a medical remedy and shouldn’t be thought-about one. Dermatologists additionally declare that cellulite is genetic and that there isn’t a remedy, whereas podcast guest Dr. Cate Shanahan would disagree and points the finger at polyunsaturated Omega-6 fats in our diet.

Supporters of dry brushing declare that it could stimulate the lymph system, assist the physique rid itself of poisons and improve circulation or power. Even dermatologists agree that lightly brushing the pores and skin does have exfoliating advantages and should stimulate the physique in a method comparable to therapeutic massage, which definitely does have well-documented advantages

I’m not utterly bought on all of these advantages, however this undoubtedly falls within the “can’t hurt” class. I’ve personally dry brushed for years and observed that my pores and skin is softer (and probably firmer, although that is onerous to measure) from dry brushing. Skin brushing could be very invigorating, and it could possibly’t harm, so it has develop into a part of my every day routine.

Especially throughout being pregnant, I *personally* discovered that dry brushing appeared to assist maintain me from getting stretch marks and in addition appeared to assist tighten pores and skin after being pregnant.

Bottom Line: Find What Works for You

At the top of the day, researchers will probably by no means do research on dry brushing. There is not any incentive to do such a research when a good quality brush costs less than $20 and is on the market on-line. At the identical time, it’s usually agreed that the apply is innocent and at worst ineffective. Like any facet of health (or life), it will be important to do your personal analysis, attempt issues, and gauge the consequences for your self.

I personally like dry brushing for the smoother pores and skin and burst of power, however give it a attempt to see what you assume.

Have you ever dry brushed? Will you attempt it?

Dry brushing is an age-old process of brushing skin with a natural brush to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, exfoliate skin and help cellulite.

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