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5 Astrological Predictions For 2017

The factor concerning the future is that it’s so, properly, unpredictable. With the yr coming to an finish and a brand new one proper across the nook, there’s no telling what the subsequent 365 days will maintain. Despite our best-laid plans, there are not any sure phrases that’ll assure how something will end up in 2017. But wouldn’t it’s neat to have some type of crystal ball that would give us a only a glimpse?

While we will’t offer you that, we will provide the subsequent neatest thing: An astrologer who can check out what the celebs may need in retailer for us in 2017. “My predictions are really more about what types of energy are being expressed from the stars to help us understand and cope with difficult situations,” explains astrologer Kim Tigar, who we tapped for the job.

Tigar used the delivery chart of USA (7/four/1776, in case you’re somewhat rusty in your American historical past) so as to take action. Read on for her predictions on what America can sit up for (and will, er, brace itself for) in 2017.

It’ll be about change

“The structures of the USA that have been built upon since the birth of the country will get some shaking up,” Tigar says. “This includes politics, business, mindsets, etc. The old structures have gone too far away from serving all of the people and have become corrupt, greedy and cold. These structures have to be torn down to create the way for the new structures that will come more from a place of togetherness, unity, cooperation, love and compassion. This energy is creating a lot of fear and uncertainty, but just remember that it is all part of the process. Whatever does not serve the highest good for us all has to go.”

It’ll be about teamwork

Getting via 2017 goes to require some teamwork. “USA has always been a leader and will continue to be,” Tigar says. “But there’s an increased need for cooperation in 2017. Relationships with each other and the world will be in the limelight. Questions about balance, cooperation, love, etc., will be highlighted throughout the year. Where do we fit in our relationships? Is it time for me to let go and/or get more serious? What is my role?  We will also see more examples of what love really is and what it is not.”

It’ll be about therapeutic

“We are being asked to examine our old wounds and connect our body, mind and spirit to be healthier, happier humans and more accepting of everyone,” Tigar says. “As each person heals themselves, they in turn become healers. Yoga, acupuncture, Tai Chi, breath work, etc., will become more popular for healing and stress relief. Hopefully, we will also see some breakthroughs in western medicine with new treatments and cures for diseases.”

It’ll be about questioning 

“We are being asked to question what we believe and to connect with our truth for the answers. We need to be conscious and awake, and to speak our truth in a compassionate and inspiring way. The desire to escape will be strong in 2017, so we probably will see a rise in substance abuse. On a more positive note, there is a great opportunity for artistic people to create music, art and films that can inspire and bring hope to everyone.”

It’ll be about stability

In 2017, making a living and saving our surroundings shall be two issues that simply can’t appear to coexist. In reality, they’ll be in direct battle with each other. “Our resources both in terms of money and the environment will be questioned in 2017,” Tigar says. “There will be quite a tug-of-war between the sides. Do we take care of the environment and our natural resources or does the greed of the stockholders win? Are we going to share in the profits? Will the government help us or hurt us come tax time?”

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