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4 ways slacklining parallels life

I blame this submit on the very fact I made a not-that-funny joke about educating therapy-doodle-Charming to slackline.

Afterward, in my inimitable means, I grew obsessed with the parallels between slacklining and life.

I used to regale anybody who would pay attention with tales about what horrible stability I had.

If you handed me a BOSU ball I’d mount, stand proudly aloft for a couple of seconds…then fall on my face.

When I took the Wii Fit Body Test the outcomes primarily requested if I typically spontaneously fell over.

No joke.

I’ve learned a lot about balance in my 40’s.

From the Child. From my People. From Charming. From all of you.

Ive targeted quite a bit on balance in my forties.

I’ve BOSU’ed. I’ve stilts walked. And, unbeknownst to most, I’ve slacklined.

gibbons slackline

look ma! one foot!

Slacklining is the artwork of strolling & balancing on a bit of webbing strung between 2 anchored factors.

You might tie webbing between timber or poles (Austin is renown for its urban slackliners) or, for those who’re a tree-loving misfit, you could buy an anchored slackline contraption (you *can* pad timber from webbing, however I’m like The Lorax. I fear concerning the timber.)

The different day, as I once more tried to make my approach between two firmly anchored factors, it dawned upon me how slacklining paralleled my life.

The ideas I supply adult-friends when asked about life-balance are the identical ones I supply the Child’s pals as they able to attempt our slackline.

In each instances there’s wobbling, potential for missteps and an incredible alternative to study extra about ourselves alongside the best way.

Allow me to elaborate.


#1 Don’t look down!

In the identical sense as don’t look behind you –you’re not going that way the act of slack lining necessitates we maintain our eyes the place we want to stay: up.

The second we pause for various seconds to look down or look behind us – – we start to wobble

Both life and slacklining require we keep eyes up and targeted *ahead.* In order to succeed we should look towards our literal/metaphorical destination. We must trust our instincts. We have to let our innate sense of stability inform us the place and learn how to step.

Live and slackline intuitively.


#2 Chill out.

Relax. It’s necessary we pause to launch pressure from arms/shoulders earlier than stepping on the ‘line or out into life. Worrying is praying for what we do not want. Fear based mostly dwelling OR slacklining doesn’t work because it solely serves to restrict us. Make that mind/body connection, however don’t over assume it. It’s all about discovering our personal distinctive stability (pun meant) between effort and ease.


#three Be constant.

Try new things/experiment but all the time return to the previous. Consistency doesn’t breed boredom–it creates a breeding ground for success. From ‘lining to dwelling practice makes permanent.

Success with out consistency might sometimes happen, however it’s almost definitely freshmen luck or an ephemeral factor.

#4 Giggle. Have enjoyable.

Life is short. And it’s most undoubtedly too fleeting to strategy it (or slacklining) in an excessively critical style. Don’t allow yourself to have tunnel vision as regards to making it to to the top of the ‘line.

Definitely don’t place an excessive amount of emphasis on the result as nothing cleanses life or slacklining of enjoyable like doing that. Enjoy the process.

There exists no perfection (in life or in) ‘lining.

Incorporating play into each is all the time the reply.


Eyes up, shoulders down, and giggle… persistently.

Keep that in thoughts you’ll achieve each endeavors.

And you?

  • Have you achieved stability in both in slacklining or in life?

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